Collaboration & Partnership

At HI STYLE, we believe collaboration and partnership is the new way of growing businesses. We are driven to innovation with experience of all strategic collaborators and partners — no matter big or small. Let us connect!

Corporate sponsorship

One of our mission is contribute to the betterment of society. We occasionally sponsor events or project.

for University


Kindly take note that:

1. As we receive plenty of sponsorship requests every month, we may not be able to grant every request.

2. HI STYLE operates on a no sponsorship policy when it comes to personal financial aid, and we do not give cash donation towards personal causes and events.

Brand Collaboration/ Partnership

We are welcome brand collaboration, we believe we could create something unique and exclusive for a campaign, and help each other grow in the process.

Corporate Customize Uniform / Gift

Make business gift more personal. Create custom apparel that reflet your brand. Our designer team is here to help you to choose the right fabric material and design.




Jacket Uniform for Shopee

Uniform for TLC


Feel free to reach out to us if you are keen to explore for any form of collaborations, email for any further enquiry.